What Are You Wearing

‘Tis The Season???

We are officially in the last quarter of the year so that means another season change!!! Fall is here!!! Bring on the sweaters, the cardigans, the boots, the crop tops… what??? We can’t wear crop tops anymore??? Is there truly a such thing as “dressing for the season”???

I live in Memphis, TN where if you hate the weather right now, just wait a minute, it’ll change to something else. There has been times where I have worn capris in the February and cardigans in July. You never know. So who made up the rules on what to wear and when to wear them???

We can all agree that you do have to dress for the weather. Of course if it is 12 degrees outside, you probably should save your daisy dukes for another day. But what about colors??? Do you believe in not wearing certain colors in certain times of the year??? First week in September, did you throw away all your white clothing and pull out your favorite wine colored lipstick???

I just bought the most adorable floral jacket and coral jumpsuit that literally looks like spring threw up on it-in a good way, am I allowed to wear it???

I say yes!!!

Wear what you want!!! Who made these rules??? They don’t run my life!!! Summerize your winter wardrobe!!! Wear your tights with your favorite shorts!!! Put on a jacket with your favorite crop top!!! Splash that bronzer on to keep your summer glow all winter long!!! Be you and be happy!!!

As always,

❤ LovedByBrittany

Song Of The Post : Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA”

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