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Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Purple For Domestic AwarenessOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is a topic that is very serious and dear to me since I lost someone at the hands of domestic violence. We see all the posts: Wear “Random Color” in support of “Random Cause” or “Leave this pic or status on your page for an hour if you take a stand.” And the problem with all those things is that’s where it ends. There is no proactivity.

I’m not going to bore you with statistics because the truth of the matter is anything other than 0 is too much.

We think Domestic Violence has a “look”. We joke about it. We even name articles of clothing after it i.e. Wife Beater. The truth is there is not one look. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence and anyone can be a perpetrator of it as well.

I’ve even heard people joke about it. Saying she deserved it. And even the doers make comments like “You should’ve just listened.” Let’s stop the presses now and clear things up. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

People think of it as a “woman’s issue” and it is true that its victims are mostly women and children. But let’s not forget the men. Men can also be victims. We think of it as funny if we see it in movies like “Norbit” or in a funny sitcom saying “You go girl! Run that man!” and that type of abuse is just as bad as a man on a woman.

Recently, I had a someone who was involved in a dispute with her boyfriend after she received some bad news and lashed out at him. After she came back to herself and realized what she actually did, was she then remorseful. But the damage was done. She had already put her hands on someone she cared about.

Let’s be apart of the solution. If you are a witness to someone’s negative behavior, please speak up and help. You could save someone’s life. If you are in a domestic abuse relationship, please seek help. “Love does not hurt you.”

The National Domestic Violence Hotline : 1.800.799.7233

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Song Of The Post: Raheem DaVaughn “Black And Blue”

One thought on “Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

  1. Yea it’s a horrible double standard for women to feel like they can put their hands on a man. It’s ridiculous. Everyone needs to keep their hands to themselves. No one should be exempt from that rule and should be mature enough to learn how to walk away from a situation if violence is the next level that it escalates to.


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