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Friends? How Many Of Us Have Them?

Do you remember when you were about 5 and your mom would take you to a playground and you’d see a little girl playing in the sand and went over to her and started helping building a sand castle together? Then you’d run to your mom and say, “Mommy, can my friend and I have a juicebox?” Just like that, you met a new friend. Now it’s years from then, and you’re at the house eating your 4th ding dong and just entered hour 4 of your Netflix marathon and about to hit “Next Episode” on this amazeballs series you just found and you catch a glimpse of yourself and be like “What the heck am I doing with my life?!?!”

If you’re anything like me, you are all too familiar with this feeling. We all have those moments where we might even want to go out and do something, but we don’t because we feel we don’t have any friends. Or maybe it’s not the fact that you don’t have any friends, but they are in different states or even countries or you’re new in town.

Well, stop that pity party right now. You just need to meet new friends! Believe it or not, the world is full of people who are like you. You just haven’t met them yet! And in case you were thinking, they are NOT in Netflix. Believe me, I’ve looked.

I was having a conversation with my husband and he said that making friends isn’t as easy as it was when we were younger. That is very correct, but I believe even though we’re older and just like anything else, we must adapt and change our strategy.

If you are looking to make new friends in the new millennium, I’ve got 5 tips on how to do just that!

  1. Be Yourself
    Act like YOU. Other people enjoy those awkward quirks. Those lame jokes that you tell? Someone will laugh. Like to dress in crazy colors? Someone else does too! What are you trying to say, Brittany? I’m saying the things we think are weird and will turn people off are exactly what people love about you! No need to pretend you like football so you can be cool with the football crew (unless he’s a cutie, then do you, girl!) People will love you for you!
  2. Put The Phone Down
    Look. These smart phones are awesome and it is a necessity to show the world how fine and fabulous you are, (insert sarcasm) but you are ruining your chances to start potential friendships. When you do go out to grab that coffee or in line at Target or browsing around the mall, put the phone away for a while and experience and even open up with someone who more than likely has similiar interest in whatever place you’re in. Great place to start.
  3. Join A Club
    Ok. I know what you’re thinking. “Brittany, I’m grown. I don’t have time for clubs. This is not high school.” It doesn’t have to be a Knifty Knitters Club that meets every Tuesday at the Library (although I’d so join, but that’s neither here nor there). But it can be in the form of a class at your gym. You’ve sweat together and what better way to talk about how much you the instructor killed you than over smoothies with your workout buddy? Be optimistic!
  4. Be SOCIAL on Social Media
    “How Sway?!?!” You can meet like-minded people via the social media outlets that we use all the time – And not just for your casual hookups, little nasty.  Those people that always comment on your pictures, give you that encouragement, laugh at your lame jokes, those are your new friends. We hide behind our devices all the time we fail to realize that there is a real person behind that keyboard. If they live in the same town, why not go to a show or an outing with them? [Disclaimer: Always practice safety. If you do’t feel comfortable with someone, trust your instincts.]
  5. Take Yourself Out On A Date
    I know. I know. This is about making friends, but you should be your first friend! Go out to that new restaurant that you wanted to try, that no one wants to go with you, and you might surprisingly meet a cool new person.

When you put yourself in the space to experience new things, new things will be experienced! I believe this life is to be shared with others. Exchange energies, thoughts, and ideals. You’ll find you’re more enriched than that Netflix will ever make you. Go make new friends!

❤ LovedByBrittany

Song Of The Post : Rich Boy ft. Polow Da Don and Keri Hilson “Good Things”


4 thoughts on “Friends? How Many Of Us Have Them?

  1. What a great article! As an extreme introvert who is very happy in my own company, loneliness creeps up suddenly and surprises me. This was a nice reminder to step out of my comfort zone and make an effort to be more social.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I have times that I don’t want to be bothered and just chill, but I love the rush I get when I get the chance to feed off someone else’s energy.


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