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Keep Out!I’m not quite sure where we as a generation started this, but we tend to overshare. We share our meals, our morning routines, our beauty secrets, our “intimate” secrets; all things that we normally never share to anyone other than our closest friends. But in this new millennium we tend to overshare and leave nothing to the imagination. Not the things we wear; more so about the things we put out into the world via social media.

I’ve observed even the new parents of the past 10 years have even taken away the simplest things that we deserve. From coming out of the womb, our likenesses are plastered all over the internet. We barely had our second breaths and images of us are being share simultaneously all over the world to our families and faceless strangers. But has anyone thought of the negative affects of this? My first few breaths of life aren’t even sacred enough to keep to myself?

And let’s not start with the ones who broadcast their WHOLE entire life. I’m talking about the ones who share every single argument they have with their significant other(s)[shade thrown], then every time they get a new “bae”, [Oh. This is Bae #6 of the year? And you love this one too? Oh ok. *sips ice water], every time they have an upset stomach, every time they pack their kids a Lunchable for school, just everything! Is there no limit, man?!?! Have you no shame?!?!

It’s nothing wrong with sharing your life and things with the people you know, because that’s what it’s for. It’s Social Media. It’s very definition involves sharing things with others. But don’t forget it’s also a safety hazard. One of my pet peeves is for someone, who I’m not the closest with, to come up to me and say, “I saw you went to [blank] movie, too. I didn’t like it. Did you?” Sir/madam, we aren’t even that close for you to just randomly with no forewarning to ask me a question about something you would not otherwise know unless you were looking at my social media. That gives me the heebie jeebies.

But it’s more so about protection. It’s sad to say, but we are living in a dangerous time where not everyone has the best intentions for you. The things you put out can very well be used against you or to harm you.

Let’s keep some things to ourselves. Let’s take back our privacy.

  1. Stop “Checking In”. I know you want everyone to know you’re at the coolest, happeningest, hippest spot, but perhaps instead of checking in right when you get there, check in when you’re leaving the location. Still lets everyone know how cool you are, but a more safer alternative.
  2. Think before you share. Pause before you hit the send button. If what you are about to post can potentially ruin jobs, relationships, hurt someone, come back to haunt you, make your parents ashamed, you probably shouldn’t post it. These things follow us for the rest of your life. I would hate to see you run for president and then they share that video of you throwing “it” in a circle. Let’s be a little cautious, shall we?
  3. Sext in private. Seems like these things should be common knowledge, but sadly it isn’t. Sir/madam, those nudes, barely there, scantily clad, seductive, #ThotThursday pics shouldn’t be out for public consumption. I’m good on that, lil buddy. Just say no.
  4. Be selfish. It’s nice to have some things to yourself. That’s what makes it so special. That special joke between a love one, make it an inside joke. That crazy picture with your hair looking a mess, laugh about that in private. The intimate picture with you and your newborn baby in their waking moments, feel free to love that by yourself. In private. It’s ok I promise.

Social media is great and it’s fun, just please be responsible and careful. No need to overshare. Save some things for your private enjoyment.

❤ Loved By Brittany

Song Of The Post : Jagged Edge “In Private”

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