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Where’s the Black Love?

PhotoGrid_1445569564376I was watching an episode of trash television (I refuse to tell you what it was) on my laptop where you can comment on the show. I was “loling” at the comments like a normally do and one struck me and made me think.

DO NOT want to see 2 men in bed together and etc. on this show. If I want to see gay sex, I’ll watch gay sex, but don’t force this down my throat! Yuk! Considering not watching this show anymore, although it had been one of my favorite reality shows up until now.

*Just for the record, they weren’t having sex. It was just “implied”, so chill. Anywho…

I immediately thought to myself, “NOW you want to stop watching it??? You were cool with the women fighting each other, people gossiping about each other, people wishing for the others downfall, the womanizing men, the fornication, the “double dipping”, the naked girls, the scenes in the strip clubs, the domestic violence, the cussing, the greed,[need I go on?] and NOW you want to stop because of some penis pals??? #BoyIfYouDontGetCho!!!PhotoGrid_1445570511076

Look. All of this is trash. I can’t condemn one thing and condone the others. You don’t get to pick and choose, lady. PhotoGrid_1445570608647

We live in a time where the negative is praised and the positive is put down. The only thing you can do is choose what you put out and what you want to received in. If you don’t want to see negative things on tv, don’t watch them. But to say, “I’m ok with some negative things” is stupid. How can you do that? You can’t be lukewarm. It’s our prerogative what we put up with and except.

This started a thought process on the images of black relationships in television. I was watching an episode of Martin and I was laughing at the things him and Gina were doing together. Then I thought to myself, Martin loved Gina. I watched him interact with Gina and I thought to myself, he never did anything bad to her. He never cheated on her. He never bad mouthed her. Actually they were a really good example of a couple. I thought about a lot of the other older shows that showed black relationships in a positive manner. Family Matters, The Cosby Show, The Parent ‘Hood, Different World, the list goes on. All of these shows showed black marriage in a positive light. None of them talked bad about their spouse or cheated on them. No side pieces, no thots, no fast tailed hussies. So what’s the difference now?PhotoGrid_1445568266579

It’s hard to turn on a show now where you don’t see a negative relationship, or a man who has a “baby momma” (I hate that term), a wife, and a side chick all in one and they make it seem like it’s natural. Are these negative stereotypes harming our community? As if polygamy is second nature. We even ask a little boy, “How many girlfriends you got, son?” with a jovial smile as if that’s a goal to accomplish. It’s not. Let’s bring monogamy back. Let’s make it cool to love one. It’s ok to have one partner. It’s ok to love one person and want to spend the rest of your life with them. It’s ok to wait til you find that one.


❤ LovedByBrittany

Song Of The Post : Raheem DeVaugnn “My Wife”

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