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DIY Natural Air Freshener

DIY Air FreshenersI am on a never-ending hunt for air fresheners. I was trolloping around Pinterest like I always do and I came across an article about how bad those plugin air fresheners are.

You already know how this story is about to go. They’re full of chemicals. They contain carcinogens. You’re filling your home full of chemicals and you don’t want that for your family. And I was eating it up, because you know what,  I DON’T want chemicals around my family. I was like “down with commercial air fresheners!!!” until I caught a sale one on of my favorite scents and I was like, eh…’s not that bad. [I know. I’m ashamed too 😦 ]

I placed them all over my house like I normally do and I noticed that I would be laying down for a while and my head would begin to hurt. Or, I would be in my living room enjoying a television program and would get a headache. Then I remembered about the article I read on the air fresheners. I immediately unplugged it from my room and suddenly my headache went away. So here goes my never-ending quest on air fresheners.

I came across an article on DIY Air Freshener Plug In ReFill. I have plenty of those things lying around the house. And I figured why not and made my own. And let me tell you my whole house smells like freshly cut oranges!

Because I like you all, I will give you 2-ways to created your own DIY re-fill air fresheners.

Very simple ingredients: Your brand of plug-in (I used Glade), empty cartridge, essential oils of your choice (I chose orange and peppermint), and water.

Re-Fill Plug In Air Fresheners
Re-Fill Plug In Air Fresheners

First, I took the cap off the bottle. It’s gonna take a little elbow grease, so prepare yourself.Re-Fill Air Fresheners

Second, filled the bottle about 1/4 of the way with the essential oil (one I have just the orange EO, and another I mixed orange and peppermint EO.) then about 3/4 of the rest with water, then closed (it’s gonna take a little more elbow grease to close it back).Re-Fill Air Fresheners

Third, use as normal and wait til your room fills with wonderful, and natural scents!

Note: I set mine on the lowest or second to lowest because I didn’t want to cause any harm and I still get a strong enough smell.Re-Fill Air Fresheners

Just think how many scents you can come up with! Next time, I might throw a little cinnamon in there with the orange and get a great winter smell.

But wait, there’s more!

If you don’t want to play with those pesky plug-ins, I have another all natural air freshener for you!

This one involves a container with holes, (I used an old gel air freshener container from the dollar store), baking soda, and essential oils.Re-Fill Gel Air Freshner

Just fill your container with a little baking soda. No, I am not gonna give measurements, because measurements are for punks. Measure with your heart! lol Then I added about 10 drops of essential oil. Of course you can mix and combine to whatever you like. Give it a little shake and you can smell the freshness instantly. Every couple of days, give it a couple shakes to “wake up” your freshener. This one works especially well in humid areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms because the baking soda captures the moisture out of the air.20151108_003205-1 20151108_003247-1

You know I’m always looking for a DIY, all natural, remedy to pretty much everything in life, so try one of these air fresheners out and tell me how you like it!!!

❤ LovedByBrittany

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One thought on “DIY Natural Air Freshener

  1. I so need to try to do this again. Like I tried once but couldn’t get the freakin top of it off. Maybe next time I can get my boyfriend to try to unscrew it for me. But I’ve started to love essential oils, especially when I found out that mint, lavender, and eucalyptus oil helps keep insects away. I’d much rather use that than chemicals inside the house to keep them at bay! So yea you’ve made me want to try this again! Thanks!


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