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Kentucky Fried Celery? – Meatless For A Week


I am meat free!!! Well, for a a week I was. Like a lot of things I do in my life, I decided to go meatless for no particular reason – simply on a whim. Just to see if I could. That’s pretty much the kind of chick I am.

Let me tell you about our eating habits. We don’t have the best, but we don’t have the worse either. Out of the 7 days,  4-5 of them will be home cooked. I gave up fast food a while ago, because come on, that stuff is crap. The things I make at home, I try to make the most healthiest and as natural as I can. No can goods, no add-water type products, chicken breasts, whole or fresh ingredients. Of course we have our occasional junk. We’re not robots. We like to eat over here. But I try to keep the food in the house relatively healthy as possible.

So deciding to do this “meatless week”, I went to the store, with the intention of buying produce and pretty much just sides and meatless dishes. And that’s what happened. Below are all the meals that I managed to make. Out of the seven days, I managed to eat out (in a restaurant) once. We did catch a cold, (read: my husband gave me a cold. Jerk.) So there were a few days we ended up ordering pizza because I was too weak to cook. Don’t worry, it was veggie.

Here are the type of dishes I ate.

Steel Cut Oats – With dried cranberries for sweetness. So good!

Squash – Yellow crookneck and zucchini (So good)

Spaghetti – Homemade sauce and whole wheat noodles

Pinto Beans – We ate a lot of pinto beans this week. They were good, but still so many smh

Macaroni Cheese – Recipe I received from one of my favorite YouTubers!

Taco salad: Homemade refried beans, black beans, fiesta corn, lettuce, cheese, salsa

Pizza – Toppings: red onions, jalapeno, and banana pepper

Baked fish – My one meal at a restaurant and by golly, it was delicious.

Taco Salad
Taco Salad
Pinto Beans, Macaroni and cheese, Cornbread
Pinto Beans, Macaroni and cheese, Cornbread
Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce
Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce


I haven’t wanted meat. I will be honest, when I ordered a pizza, I did want a couple pepperoni’s, but it tasted as good, if not better without it. I have no intention on eating meat anytime soon. For me, it was something relatively easy to do because I’m not a huge GOTTA HAVE IT meat eater. But cheese, my goodness. I can live on cheese alone, but that’s another battle for another day… Will I continue? I will. Again, I haven’t really wanted it. The only issue was when I did get hungry and didn’t have food prepared at home already, the options were suddenly very slim.

Where there any changes I saw in myself? I was always hungry. But that’s not a bad thing, because I was eating veggies, I didn’t mind and didn’t feel bad about eating. I had a little more energy after I ate as opposed to when I would fall asleep right after I ate that lasagna. I do feel like my body needed to adjust to it, because it was something different. My water intake really increased and that also helped my hunger, because I would just sip on water all day between meals until I could go home and get a healthier meal.

And because I married a guy who recognizes and matches my crazy, my awesome sauce husband is making it that much easier, because he’s doing it with me! ::sets off fireworks:: Him: “I guess we’re going meatless this week too.”

His Results:

He says he’s felt changes. He feels better, his digestive system is a lot better, he feels as if he has more energy. And he figures this will be a gateway to other things for him, like going back to steadily working out.

So for right now, we are continuing this train. I don’t know if this will eventually turn us to vegetarians or vegans for that matter, (you know who you are lol), but we will definitely see where this will take us.

Will you go meat-free for a week? Let me know!


Song Of The Post: “Maneater” Nelly Furtado


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