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Collections By T. Dish

Bling Bling!!!

Scenario: It’s Friday night. You have been invited to an after work gathering and suddenly realize you have nothing to wear! ::every girl’s nightmare:: You rush home and rummage through your closet and see a decent looking plain black T-shirt dress. You manage to find some decent looking shoes, but something is missing? ::light bulb:: ACCESSORIES!

If you are looking for some cool new accessories to add to your ever changing wardrobe, look no further! Collections By T. Dish has some amazing and trendy pieces! Don’t believe me? Check out a few of my personal purchases…20151220_200234-1 20151220_200108-1 20151220_213941-1 20151220_210459-1IMG_20151221_103858 20151220_211013-1 20151220_214038-1

This is a mobile accessory bar which means you can have the collection come to you! Book them for your events! Or order online 24/7 at Collections By T. Dish.

There are still a few shopping days before Christmas, so get your order in today!

❤ LovedByBrittany

*All items were purchased with my own money. Not sponsored.

Song Of The Post: Chris Brown “Discover”

One thought on “Accessorize Your Life!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you so much, for featuring “Collections, By T. Dish…” in today’s post!!! I absolutely love it, heck you made me want to go and purchase some jewelry!! lol Thank You so much for always being one of my biggest supporters and of course one of my loyalist customers! I appreciate you so much and keep up the fantastic work that you are doing on your blog!!! It’s so juicy and full of positive energy! Keep it coming that’s what we need on a daily!! Let those aura’s flow.MWAHH
    ~T. Dish… ❤

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