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Colour Pop, Pop, Pop!

PhotoGrid_1452282124106Guess who has 2 thumbs and just became a new member of the Colour Pop family? This guy!!!

I know right. I’m behind the curve. But I’m still excited!!! Let me show you what I got!!!

So I got 5 super shock shadows, 3 ultra matte lipsticks, 1 lippie stix, and 1 matching lippie pencil.

Super Shock Shadows:

Shadows are extremely creamy and very pigmented – a must in shadow for me. And they are so soft and silky on the skin! The only problem I have with them is the packaging is very bulky so traveling with them may pose a problem if you don’t like to travel with a lot of small packages. I prefer to bring one, maybe 2 palettes when I’m traveling, but that’s my personal view. Regardless, great shadows!

Central Perk, Telepathy, Drift, Porter, So Quiche

Ultra Matte Lips:

The 3 I received are true to color. They are matte. If you aren’t a fan or used to liquid lipsticks and how they wear, I suggest you be very cautious because they are very drying. But then again, that’s how some liquid lipsticks are. I exfoliated, moisturized with a lip balm, applied the lipstick, then dabbed a very small amount of clear lipgloss on top. They lasted all day with no problem. I literally had to use makeup remover to remove, so they are very long wearing. And if you’re anything like me and like to apply in the morning, and not have to apply all day, these are def for you!


Lippie Pencil:

I just got the one in Bossy with the matching creme stick and it’s very creamy and pigmented. Glides on with ease without having to scrub my lips with it. Y’all know those brands that you basically have to paint your lips with to even see a glimpse. ::side eye:: definitely don’t have to do that with these. I’m def gonna get more of these liners and replace the ones I have in my kit.

Lippie Stix:

Very creamy, moisturizing, long lasting, and of course pigmented. The description made me buy it. “Cuz betch, I’m the boss.” What? You know what? I am! lolPhotoGrid_1452280736058

I absolutely love this brand. I love how they swatch their products on real models, showing 3 different skin tones. I hate buying new makeup online and HOPING that they would look good on me. #ChocolateGirlStruggles For my ladies who love to experiment without breaking the bank, I totally suggest you check out Colour Pop and get your life! Here are just a few looks I’ve sported this week…

Telepathy and Central Perk shadows, with LAX lipstick (I love this lip!)
So Quiche and Central Perk shadows, with Bossy liner and lipstick on the lips

Have you all tried Colour Pop? Tell me what you think!

❤ LovedByBrittany

Song Of The Post : Jazmin Sisters “You”

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