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“Everybody Looking” – Gucci Mane Album Review


Gucci Mane is back!!!

DISCLAIMER: I do not cuss, because of my personal beliefs, so all curse words will be censored.

In every career rapper, there is a time when an artist goes through a growth/metamorphosis/”I’m too old to be talking about this ish” phase. We’ve seen it in Jay Z, Young Jeezy, ‘scuse me, Jeezy, TI, David Banner, Soulja Boy (nah, he’s still the same ol’ him), etc. And Mr. Radric Davis is no exception.

Post-incarceration, we enter what I would like to call the “Gucci Enlightenment Era”. We’ve been seeing his videos, the pictures, the snaps, (If you’re not following his snapchat you’re losing in life!!!), his recent musical releases. And there seems to be a collective confused Mr. Krabs face on everyone. Everybody-Looking-Gucci-Mane-LovedByBrittany-Krabs-MemeAnd Mr. Guwop is sitting there, poised like the debutante he is with his fingers ever so graciously touching, saying, “Oh children, please gather ‘round whilst I take you on a mind-boggling adventure into my new world.”everybody-looking-gucci-mane-lovedbybrittany-sound-of-music-meme

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentleman, because you and I are about to embark on an quest into the world of Gucci!!!

::#ReallyMeans here is a small play-by-play into my track-by-track review of Gucci Mane’s “Everybody Looking”::

  1. No Sleep (Intro) – Opening with his producer BFF Zaytoven on the beat, Gucci begins by stepping out like a woman leaving the beauty salon with highlights. Welcome to the world of the new and improved Gucci Mane.
  2. Out Do Ya – Reminiscent of his old sound, we hear in the intro classic adlibs of “Yeeeaaaaah” and “Burrrr”. Oh, what a sweet sound that is. A braggadocios track that asks how you let a guy who’s locked up in the system out do you??? How Sway??? How??? They ain’t got the answers!!! #StandOutLyric “How you women let these bogus n****s sleep with ya” I be wanting to know the answer too, Mr. Wizop.
  3. Back On Road – Featuring global rapper/songstress Drake; Gucci is telling y’all he’s back. It’s just him, himself, and he. People are fake now that he’s home, and the only one he can really trust is his woman. He’s gonna do you like you did him. You can’t put baby in the corner. (A little Dirty Dancin’ reference, anyone???)
  4. Waybach – Obligatory track about a car because n****s, and his loyalty to his favorite producers Mike WiLL Made-It & Zaytoven that made him into the iconic renaissance man he is now.
  5. P***y Print (feat. Kanye West) – I’m not gonna say much about this masterpiece because it’s Wizop and ‘Ye on a track together so you know it’s heat, but I will leave you with this gem: #StandOutLyric -“Don’t ask me who I’m voting for, cuz I got all the presidents.” Radric, let me find out you keeping up with the politics!!! What a man!!! 😍
  6. Pop Music – A violent anthem without the violence. It’s called Pop Music (#NoMichaelJackson) because of the gun sounds that go “Pop!” MIND-BLOWN. Crown him King of the Puns!!!
  7. Guwop Home (feat. Young Thug)- A track with his son, the Young Thugness himself, where he explores and self-answers the question “What do that mean? Old rich a** n***a; I got everything” #StandOutLyric: “Take a white girl out a trailer, make her Iggy, take a black b***h out of magic and make her Nicki” #Classic (I will withhold my personal feelings about Iggy, primarily that I strongly dislike her, but c’est la vie)
  8. Gucci Please – Could this be a love ballad??? He examines all the futile love attempts from his female fan base and their relentless begging and pleading of him to be their main squeeze. I believe there is a shout out to me in this #StandOutLyric “Women on my page commenting like ‘dang he getting slim.’” You be seeing me Gucci??? 👀Lowkey, he has been on my personal #baewatch lately.😍
  9. Robbed – His storytelling skills are indeed nothing short of impeccable. No cowardice in his blood in this recollection of how he was robbed. He’s telling you all to #StayWoke and be aware of your surroundings, because even on beautiful days, these f**k n***as are riding around looking for people to rob. Watch your backs.
  10. Richest Nigga In The Room – I’m getting a melodic, carnival sound behind those banging beats that Zayteezy is known for. #StandOutLyric “I was hustling before I came up out the womb, now look at me I’m the richest n***a in the room.” His personal rags-to-riches story. He sold drugs before it was cool. Kids laughed at him and pointed at his shoes. Can you imagine a young sad Mr. Guwop??? My heart aches for you, fam. Who’s laughing now, doh?!
  11. 1st Day Out Tha Feds – We all know abt this track. Although I was hoping he would do a second verse for the album cut, but you know whatever. It wouldn’t be “first day out” track with a 7-weeks-post verse. I’ll take what I can get. I’m just elated you’re home, Gucci.
  12. At Least a M- Another rich dude anthem. Because iron sharpens iron, obvs. If you’re friends ain’t banked up, he ain’t messing with you or your patna ‘nem. He wants everybody eating. I tell you, this Gucci is a motivational speaker and I am HERE.👏FOR.👏IT.👏
  13. All My Children – With the emotion of a proud mom witnessing her baby son acting in the role of a tree in the kindergarten play, Gucci boasts about all his children he’s birthed into the rap game. (He’s not pregnant anymore, so this is his mommy’s day out track) Cause let’s be honest. Mr. LaFlare made you trap rappers. Without him, there is no you.
  14. Pick Up The Pieces (Outro)- My new favorite thug motivation track. Folklore aficionado Radric Davis speaks about the snakes in the grass. It’s a hood comparison to the Biblical tale of Job. Living the good life then everything changes: friends snitch, relationships burned, Feds watch, and in the MIDST of it all, “faith got stronger” and he picks up the pieces and makes lemonade out of those lemons. #NoBeyonce ARE Y’ALL LISTENING TO THIS MAN?!?!? I wonder if Gucci is running from his call into ministry….
  15. Multi Millionaire Laflare (Bonus Track)- In case you forgot, Gucci got money.

The million dollar question, is this Gucci Mane’s greatest work to date??? ABSOLUTELY. I’m giving it 5 Stars!!! Ok. I’m a little biased since he’s my fav, but it’s a very solid album. You can really hear the growth and maturity in lyrics, as well as the southern grittiness and banging beats we all love and expect from Gucci. Everybody is looking at you, Gucci. Give ‘em something to look at!!!

Gucci Mane “Everybody Looking” in stores July 22.

❤ LovedByBrittany

Song Of The Post: This album!!! Duh!!! 🙂

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